ufo wanaque artI searched on the internet for stories on UFO reports and Wanaque in particular. I wrote a short comment on a web site blog asking if anyone had heard transmissions on car radios or rumblings in the water at the Wanaque reservoir.

Two years later Giuseppe DiMarco read my comment and emailed me mentioning that Linda Moulton Howe was planning a report on Wanaque UFO incidents and he thought she might be interested in the account. I told my Dad about the email I received. After some discussion he exchanged emails and phone numbers with Giuseppe who relayed it to Linda.

Linda contacted him twice, once for a informal chat about his experience. She asked if she could call again and record an interview for possible airing on Coast to Coast AM Radio.

My Father's interview on Coast to Coast AM with Linda Moulton Howe was the beginning of his recall. I want to complete his updated story on a web site from all the interviews he gave me. It will include original sketches from the day it happened, plus paintings and sculptures he made years later. I will include the Coast to Coast Radio interview plus important updates.

My Father describes the incident, "It was very unusual to see clouds so close to the ground, so small in size and so well defined. They remained in front of me for sometime. The small dark oval clouds were about 400 feet away and appeared to be covering solid images. They were moving slowly up and down behind the trees. I estimated them to be about 20 feet in size and oval shaped."

"Something in the reservoir water to my right was making an audible rumbling sound and my car was vibrating. I looked and did not see anything in or near the water that was making the sound. I then turned my head straight ahead and was looking thru the windshield at the two small clouds that were slowly beginning to reveal what they were concealing. The continuous fast beeping transmissions on my car's am radio continued. After a few minutes something made a rustling sound in the woods to my left. I could feel the hair on my arm rise straight up. I felt a paralysis over my body. I originally thought out of intense fear that I did not turn my head to my left to look. My car was between that sound and the reservoir water where the rumbling noise was coming from. For many years my mind went blank when I tried to recall that moment up to the time I sped away. Recall began to slowly emerge over four decades later."

"I kept my incident private for over 40 years, until my son Robert was cleaning out our garage and pulled down two large taped boxes that were stored there for decades. It contained my notes, diagrams and art work. Past memories flashed before my eyes. Over the next few weeks I answered all my sons questions. It was unbelievable to me that the hair on my arm rose up when I told him about the sound in the bushes. The intense fear was subsiding and my memory was slowly rising to the surface. My son wants my full updated story and art work to be made public." "After numerous sketches and intense relaxation and memory recall, I finally completed the drawing of the Alien that was hidden in my past."

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