The interview on Coast to Coast AM was the beginning of releasing old memories.

Describing the incident"
It was very unusual to see clouds so close to the ground, so small in size and so well defined. They remained in front of me for sometime. I knew it was not haze or smoke. The small dark oval clouds were about 400 feet away and appeared to be covering solid images. They were moving slowly up and down behind the trees. I estimated them to be about 20 feet in size.

Something in the reservoir water to my right was making an audible rumbling sound and my car was slightly vibrating. I looked and did not see anything in or near the water that was making the sound. After a few minutes something made a sound in the woods to my left. I could feel the hair on my arm rise straight up.  I originally thought that I did not turn my head out of fear, My car was between that presence and the reservoir water where the rumbling sound was coming from. I thought that I was blocking it's path. I can still visualize two large dark eyes and a paralysis over my body. I kept this incident from the public for 47 years. It deeply affected me and I was not sure exactly what happened.

I finally decided to delve into that past experience to search my mind before I finally leave this planet. I searched on the internet for stories on UFO reports and Wanaque in particular. I only wrote a short comment on only one web site blog asking if anyone had heard rumbling associated with UFOs near Wanaque. Two years later someone noted my comment and passed it on. Linda Moulton Howe contacted me twice and I agreed to an interview that she aired on Coast to Coast AM Radio. During our conversations she said many people have suppressed memories. She was right. I realized that I had a trail of evidence through my paintings and sculpture going back decades. As I opened up my memory further ...  I finally made a drawing of the Alien that was hidden in my past memories. My son Robert convinced me that he will build a web site to tell and show all.
I plan to start a campaign on Kickstarter or Indegogo in the near future to complete the full updated story on the web site. Web site will include and audio track of the Coast to Coast Radio interview and what occurred after. Will include Original Sketches, Paintings and Pyramid Sculptures that were boxed up and hidden for decades.

Copies of Original Sketches and Paintings will be available CLICK HERE

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