Notes made from conversations with my Father in 2014.

I enjoyed looking at the details in the painting that was stored for so long. I noticed that I had made a dark blurry image behind the tree. I focused on that for quite some time. I looks like I smudged the image to hide it, but why? I studied the painting again and again.

I took out a pencil and paper and spent a few hours making rough sketches trying to extend deep into my memory. Many times I would close my eyes, lay back and relax on my recliner and go back to the time I painted it. The Wanaque incident would always seep into my thoughts.

I had subconsciously tried to describe an alien behind the tree, who was watching the saucer getting energized. The hair stood up on my arms, just like it did in Wanaque 47 years ago. I focused on my rough sketches... then closed my eyes again and began to see the alien. I had blurred it in my painting because it had caused me so much fear and I wanted it blocked out."

I spent the next few years trying to recall and  make a precise drawing. It was difficult. I feel that I finally succeeded.

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