"Alien Image" final sketch Jan 2019
My Dad helped with this page. These are in his words and recall.

Linda Moulton Howe discussed the missing time with me in our first conversation before she recorded me the next day for the Coast to Coast Show IN 2014. It appeared, from my original notes, that over an hour of time was missing from the time of the incident near the reservoir began and the time I left. Linda noted that for Wanaque New Jersey on July 4, 1967, it shows sunrise at 5:39 AM Eastern Daylight Time. Linda mentioned that some people with "unusual experiences" have opened up with new details dozens of years later. She suggested I keep trying to recall any other details about the incident.

The very first sketch of the Alien that I made in January 2014 was what I FELT INSIDE BY HEAD. I made dozens of sketches over many months, always after relaxing with my eyes closed and focusing on that dark night while inside my car. I can hear the sounds from the reservoir and feel my car vibrating. I could hear static and beeps like the sound of Morse code on my AM radio. I kept hearing these beeps - DI DI DIT - DI DIT - DI DIT DIT DIT

My drivers side window was down. I heard movement to my left in the bushes only a short distance away. That's when I immediately felt a mental numbness. I vividly remember that the hair on my arm rose. I was frozen with fear and did not want to turn my head to the left to look.

I was hesitant to mention this part of my experience and to show the image. It may sound so unreal to others. It was deeply embedded in my past memory. It took me a few years of monthly attempts to finally complete the final image. This is still very strange to me, how one by one events have led me to fuller recall. The alien moves past the front of my car. It looks directly at me. Large black eyes ... dark penetrating eyes. They were strong, compelling, hypnotic eyes that were focused inside my brain. I was motionless, paralyzed out of fear.

My first attempt to sketch the alien was in 2014. I began drawing ... then closed my eyes. A flash came into my mind. Not once but 3 times ... all within seconds ... the message was ... WE ARE IN TROUBLE. I swear that's my recall. The hair stood up on my arm at that time. It came only at that one time during my process of sketching what was deep inside my mind.

I remained motionless while THEY attended to their TROUBLE. INTENSE FEAR are the best words to explain that part of my experience. I keep sensing the alien going to the craft as it was coming out of the water. The two craft that were first diffused by clouds were stationary.

I vividly remember this - I was concentrating on my car keys in the ignition. The ignition was on accessories, so I could hear the radio sounds. I see myself going over and over and over again moving my right hand to the keys in the ignition ... starting the car...stomping on the accelerator ... and leaving as fast as I could.

I recall on my notes made the day of the encounter that I wrote ... heard 3 loud beeps. I now think the 3 beeps may be connected to the 3 messages that were flashed into my mind.

I started my car and sped away just as it was getting light out. I vividly remember almost hitting the side of the barrier on the bridge.

Linda noted that there was a time lapse from research on daylight in Wanaque that day and there is about an hour of missing time.

I am relieved that I can finally get at what was hidden so deeply inside my subconscious.

(NOTE- On my first trip driving around the Wanaque Reservoir I searched for radio stations and music to listen to. I had a 59 Studebaker Lark with a tuning knob to find stations. It only had AM. When I turned the dial all the way to the left I noticed static as I drove under power poles. I remembered that on the night of my encounter and used it.)

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