Witness Drawing of Alien at Wanaque NJ Reservoir

Drawing A - Initial Sighting at Wanaque

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Drawing B - UFO Clouds at Wanaque

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1974 Painting "The Mind of the Creator"

1975 Painting of a UFO Energy Beam

1992 Painting titled "Inside the UFO"

4 Sided Outer Space Pyramid

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I recall now that in 1974, after a month on the wall, I took the painting down AND SMUDGED OVER THE ALIEN FIGURE that was looking out behind the tree at the UFO. I now realize that it was the same image that I initially could only describe as being FELT and not seen with my eyes at Wanaque.

alien sketch wanaque
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View the 1974 Painting that revealed the image above

wanaque drawing car parked

The very first sketch that I made in January 2014 was what I FELT INSIDE BY HEAD. The sketch was just two large black eyes. I never sensed the full body of the "presence"...only dark penetrating eyes. They were strong, compelling, hypnotic eyes that were focusing inside my brain.

I heard movement in the bushes only a short distance away from my car. That's when I immediately felt the "presence". My notes and memory say I was frozen with fear and did not want to turn my head to the left to look.

I refer to the feeling of fear and paralysis caused by a "presence" meaning something or someone that was present in my conscious mind. Presence described in the dictionary - something felt or believed to be present.
Below and to your left is a sketch of how close the "presence" was to me while I was sitting in my car frozen with fear.
1/27/2014 - After spending days looking at my paintings and recalling events over the years, little by little, my recall of my Wanaque experience became clearer.

When I was working on my sketch/drawing in Adobe Photoshop the night before, I made a number of copies, trying to get one as dark as possible, just like the image I drew behind the tree in my painting. Some images were so dark they were almost invisible to the eye. On one copy of my drawing - I turned up the brightness and contrast of the dark grey alien to make it lighter and more visible.

The image turned greenish/ yellow. The hair stood up on my arm....just like it did the night of 7/4/1967. When I looked at the Aliens eyes ... a flash came into my mind. Not once but 3 times ... all within a minute ... the message was ... WE ARE IN TROUBLE. I swear that's the truth.

I was hesitant to write this part of my story and to show the image. It sounds so unreal. But it is somehow deeply embedded in my past memory. This is still very strange to me how one by one events are leading me down the road to fuller recall. I'm starting to think ... now ... that I did look at the Alien eyes and was paralyzed and the full image was hiding in my head. I get a strong impression now, that I was paralyzed while THEY attended to their TROUBLE.

I continue to delve further into my memory and pieces are forming that  I know what the craft and presences were doing and how it involved me. I saw the alien passing in front of my car going to the object coming out of the water.

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Drawings of an Alien Presence during a UFO encounter in New Jersey at the Wanaque Reservoir

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