art ufo - mind of creator

Many years after the incident my Father painted and sculpted images. I was about 5 years old when he did most of the work.

These are his comments - I had never painted before. I felt internally motivated to buy paints and brushes. I set up a work table in the garage and listened to classical music while I worked.

The acrylic and oil painting was my very first attempt at expressing "an inspiration" that came over me. Swirling in my mind were the tree of life and knowledge, planets in our solar system, the Creator focusing, an extraterrestrial craft pulling life out of the planet. I painted it approximately seven years after my Wanaque Incident. I signed it on the back. I dated it 10/74 and titled it "The Mind of the Creator," and then boxed it up. It's been over 40 years since the painting has been shown to the public.

The original is framed under glass and is 18x24 on canvas board. My Father willed all his paintings to me. The original may be for sale someday. If someone wants to buy a copy I will make them available.

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Original art copies available
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