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Operation Big Itch was a September 1954 series of tests at Dugway Proving Ground in Utah. The tests were designed to determine coverage patterns and survivability of the tropical rat flea (Xenopsylla cheopis) for use in biological warfare as disease vector. The fleas used in these trials were claimed not to have been infected by any biological agent. 100,000 fleas were loaded into two types of munitions and dropped from the air. The E14 bomb and E23 bomb, which could be clustered into the E86 cluster bomb and E77 bomb, respectively. When the cluster bombs reached 2,000 or 1,000 feet the bomblets would drop via parachute, disseminating their vector.

Operation Big Buzz occurred in May 1955 in the U.S. State of Georgia. The operation was a field test designed to determine the feasibility of producing, storing, loading into munitions, and dispersing from aircraft the yellow fever mosquito (though these were not infected for the test) (Aedes aegypti). The second goal of the operation was to determine whether the mosquitoes would survive their dispersion and seek meals on the ground. Around 330,000 uninfected mosquitoes were dropped from aircraft in E14 bombs and dispersed from the ground. In total about one million female mosquitoes were bred for the testing.

Operation Drop Kick another 1956 test in Avon Park Bombing Range, Florida, where 600,000 mosquitoes were released by plane

The Mystery of the Chemtrails

We are all familiar with contrails, the exhaust left in the atmosphere by high-flying jet planes. Since 1997, observers all over the world have noticed an increase in these contrails with the skies being covered by a grid-pattern of high -altitude trails left by jets.

Active duty military personnel, police officers, pilots and defense specialists as well as hundreds of everyday Americans quite used to seeing aircraft contrails and normal flight operations near cities, airports or over long-established routes, independently confirm the presence of multiple "lines in the sky" being purposefully laid by large jet tankers (usually white in color and always without identifying markings) over cities and rural areas.

As many as 20, 30 or more "contrails" are woven over hours into lattice-like grid patterns. "Tic-tac-toe in the sky" or "furrowing a farm field" are expressions commonly used to describe these multiple-aircraft maneuvers, in which white contrail-like emissions linger for hours, gradually spreading into a hazy overcast that completely obscures clear blue skies.

Normal contrails form when ice-crystals are disturbed by the passage of an airplane at high (cold) altitudes. Streaming from engines and wingtips, pencil-thin contrails almost always disappear within 45 seconds, fading quickly like the wake behind a boat.

While ice-crystal contrails can occasionally persist for hours, forming cirrus-type clouds that drift over a large area -particularly over high-traffic routes such as the Atlantic corridor between the USA and Europe - the chemtrails being reported daily by many independent eye-witnesses always linger for hours, forming an overcast from which veils of wispy fallout are often observed.

In some cases, commercial jetliners flying across these persistent grid-patterns lay normal contrails that disappear quickly alongside lingering chemtrails. Usually laid in an east-west direction, with characteristic X's and cris-cross trails also often observed, jets layering these deliberate chem trails have often been observed switching their emissions off as they approach mountains or other geographically delineating features, only to turn their spray back on after making their turns back over the area being sprayed.

There has also been increased incidents of acute respiratory illness - including bronchitis, pneumonia and first-time asthma attacks in what doctors are calling epidemic levels across the USA and Great Britain. Fatalities, mostly among the elderly and immune-compromised, have exceeded 8, 100 dead in England in the last week of December and first two weeks of January, 1999 according to the BBC.

Other observers report spraying from black, unmarked helicopters and twin-turboprop aircraft flying at rooftop level, often but not always at night. Incidents of chemicals being dumped from unmarked helicopters into municipal reservoirs have also been reported.

While chemtrail sightings have attracted strident attacks for lack of proof, videotape clearly shows billowing white spray being emitted from the tails of jets with wing-mounted engines, as well as from the wing sections outboard of the engines and inboard of the wingtips. These are the precise locations of wing-and tail-mounted refueling probes on tanker aircraft.

Part of the substances in the chemtrails have been identified: a cocktail of JP8+100 jet fuel, laced with Ethylene Dibromide (EDB)This chemical pesticide was banned in 1983 by the EPA as a definite carcinogen and chemical toxin. Exposure to this type spraying can include these symptoms: respiratory tract problems, severe infections to the throat and sinuses, swelling of the lymph glands, coughing fits, shortness of breath, sinus headaches, general respiratory failure, damage to the heart and liver, exposure to EDB makes people more susceptible to other biological agents due to severe lung irritation.

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) in the USA has rejected offers to analyze chemtrail samples from Dr. Len Horowitz, while in Northern Idaho, and researcher Clifford Carnicom of Santa Fe, NM. But they and concerned citizens in Las Vegas, NV, Mt. Shasta, CA, and Eastern Arkansas, all managed to get independent laboratory analysis done on samples from soil, water, and the air.

The results were similar with all of them and have been reported to compare with other analysis from North American and European locations. Barium, Aluminum Oxide, Titanium, Magnesium, and BannEthylene dibromide (dibromethane) or EDB are the essential elements of the chemtrail.

Aerosol Barium salts were sprayed from planes over Panama, Libya, and during Desert Storm to make people sick and weak. Barium poisoning is worse than lead poisoning. The lungs are affected adversely. Many complaints of colds, flu, even pneumonia occur within a very few days after heavy chemtrail spraying over an area.

Aluminum causes extreme neurological disorders. Dementia, uncontrollable spasms, Alzheimer's, and Parkinson's Disease can be caused by long term aluminum exposure. Breathing in those particulates over time is a definite long term hazard.

EDB or dibromethane was banned in the USA years ago from use in all auto and jet fuels. But somehow it is appearing again in samples from chemtrail residue. It is a major component of insecticides, which are nerve poisons. It affects the nervous system especially where breathing is involved. And it is very carcinogenic.

Keep in mind that these are in tiny particulate form, enabling them to be breathed into our lungs as well as settling into soil and water. Concerned citizens in several areas where heavy chem trailing has occurred have observed a decline in water quality and erosion of plant life. Over the past few years in the USA, lung disorders have leaped from eighth to fourth as a cause of health issue fatalities.

There are even more unusual biological anomalies being discovered in chem trail residues as well, such as desiccated blood cells which come to life along with bacterial or viral specimens. Clifford Carnicom has research papers on those. If you can handle scientific details, go to his website, which is listed at the end of this article with other URL's.

A history of lies and more lies...
Back in 2001, angry citizens had mustered enough physical evidence and thousands of photos and video tapes to make at least one congressman, Mr. Dennis Kucinich, include the phenomenon in a bill, (HR 2977) "The Space Preservation Act of 2001" where chemtrails were to be prohibited as an "exotic weapons system." After some closed door discussions, the bill was re-introduced (HR 3615) with this portion of the prohibition omitted.

Dr. Stephen D. McKay, who has studied chemtrails for over six years, believes there are four ongoing projects in our atmosphere,

"The first project is an effort to block the rays of the sun from hitting the earth including the ultra violet radiation

The second and most secretive project is the United States Navy's, RFMP, Radio Frequency Mission Planner, military program. The VTRPE computer program only worked accurately over water and along coastal areas but not over land masses because the system's radar waves required an atmospheric condition known as 'ducting', over land, to operate accurately." "The government and military solved the 'ducting' problem by releasing an aerosol, a mixture of barium salts into the atmosphere over America. They made an atmospheric RF duct with a base of barium aerosol from aircraft. The chemical and electrical characteristics of the mixture will cause water moisture to stay in clouds. Again, the aerosol sets up an electrical and chemical environment that supports RF ducting for the RFMP / VTRPE warfare system. Fibers with barium may support ducting. The mixture of barium salt aerosol when sprayed in a straight line will also provide a ducting path from point A to point B and will enable high frequency communications along that path, even over the curvature of the earth, in both directions. Enemy high frequency communications can be monitored easier with the straight line A to B ducting medium."

"The third project also utilizes the mixture of barium salts in the atmosphere. Weather control is a project of the U.S. Air Force and utilizes Nikola Tesla concepts of radio frequency radiation (HAARP) against the ionosphere above the earth. Fragile life support systems in our environment are being manipulated, tested and altered by government for military advantage. Air Force documents implied, 'the risks are high but the rewards are worth it.' The mixture of barium salts, supporting moisture, is encouraged along the weather fronts and manipulated in a control fashion. It is believed microwave energy is also utilized in the weather control program.

"The fourth project in the atmosphere is the DARPA, Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, biological detection and decontamination programs. The program also utilizes the mixture of barium salts as the base vehicle in aerosol along with special polymer fibers in the atmosphere. They have released biological into the atmosphere in trials, testing the detection and decontamination systems."

"It is believed that barium salt, polymer fibers and other chemicals, in the atmosphere are the physical irritants that are either directly or indirectly responsible, for the recent epidemic increase in cases of nose bleed, asthma, allergies, pneumonia, upper respiratory symptoms and a noticeable increase in arthritis symptoms, recently reported nationwide. Chemicals illegally sprayed into the atmosphere are producing atmospheric and ground conditions detrimental to human and animal health but favorable to the growth of harmful molds and fungus. These conditions are not conducive to good health. The soluble salts of barium, an earth metal, are toxic in mammalian systems. They are absorbed rapidly from the gastrointestinal tract and are deposited in the muscles, lungs, and bone. No case data is available from the medical community on the long term effects of barium in the human body."

A review of the average surface temperatures over the last decade shows a decrease of 0.5F, while atmospheric temperatures have undoubtedly been rising. Scientists attribute this to chemtrails.

Non-scientists have noticed that beautiful sunny days are often turned into overcast by the crazy zig-zag flights of jets and wonder if this could also cause droughts or respiratory illnesses. It's crazy, and no one in the government seems to want to address this.

The question remains unanswered: why won't the government come clean with the chemtrails? Is it because the aluminum and other metallic substances has also been responsible for poisoning our water and air? Is it because the need to shield military, corporate and business communications was a higher priority than the wellbeing of the average people? We need answers and we need them now.

In fact, the idea of spraying aluminum oxide from jet aircraft was patented by Hughes Aircraft in 1990 (see, patent #5003186). The plan proposed "to seed the metallic particles was to add the tiny particles to the fuel of jet airliners, so that the particles would be emitted from the jet engine exhaust while the airliner was at its cruising altitude."

It was the growing dependence on, and vulnerability to semiconductors.
In a paper presented to the US Air Force titled "Electromagnetic Pulse Threats in 2010", Major Colin R. Miller describes the dangers from atmospheric radiation which could shut down everything in America -- bringing us back to the stone age.

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This unclassified research paperompiled on request of the Belfort Group, a Belgian environmental watchdog. Full Report Here

Chemtrail Clouds and Electromagnetic Energy

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