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Mystery of Great Pyramids of Egypt

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how were the pyramids built in egyptWERE THE PYRAMIDS IN EGYPT BUILT

Have you ever asked: How were some of the heaviest blocks in the pyramid placed at great heights?

How were 22 acres of casing blocks all made to fit so extremely close together?

How was all of the work done in about twenty years?

How did workers manage to make the pyramid faces absolutely flat?

How did they make the faces meet at a perfect point at the summit? How did they make the tiers so level?

How could the required amount of workers maneuver on the building site?

How did they make the blocks so uniform? Experts only guess. Egyptologists admit that the problems have not been resolved.

Since the early eighties, Prof. Joseph Davidovits is proposing that the pyramids and temples of Old Kingdom Egypt were constructed using agglomerated limestone, This type of fossil-shell limestone concrete would have been cast or packed into molds. Egyptian workmen went to outcrops of relatively soft limestone, disaggregated it with water, then mixed the muddy limestone (including the fossil-shells) with lime and tecto-alumino-silicate-forming materials (geosynthesis) such as kaolin clay, silt, and the Egyptian salt natron (sodium carbonate)

Davidovits’ research was fiercely opposed by some experts (geologists and Egyptologists) who did not refrain from publicizing the usual brickbats. The theory was finally published in a popular book, in 1989, entitled: “The Pyramids: an enigma solved”

The websites linked below... reveal how Ancient Egyptians built the pyramids using man-made stones, which look exactly like natural rocks. The limestone blocks were cast in situ, employing an advanced technology that was later lost, leaving a puzzle hidden for thousands of years inside the pyramid stones. This theory undoubtedly shed an amazing new light on what really happened in Egypt in that remote era.


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How were the Pyramids really built in Egypt