UFO beams painted in 1975 by witness of a 1967 Wanaque NJ UFO encounter

Drawing A - Initial Sighting at Wanaque

TEXT for Drawing A - Sighting at Wanaque

Drawing B - UFO Clouds at Wanaque

TEXT for Drawing B - Clouds at Wanaque

Wanaque NJ Reservoir Map

1974 Painting "The Mind of the Creator"

1992 Painting titled "Inside the UFO"

4 Sided Outer Space Pyramid

Pyramid Sculpture and Art

Drawing of Wanaque Alien

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ufo beam painting
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I signed the back of this oil painting and dated it 1975. I did not name it, as I sometime do on the back. I will now name it, "Pyramid and UFO Energy Beams"

I painted a pyramid transmitting energy into a UFO, that is shooting a light propulsion beam onto the ground, ready for take off. There is another pyramid on a hill in the background transmitting an energy beam to a UFO in a black cloud.

The pyramids are another interesting part of my life that I am investigating further. Back in 1975 I remember reading that pyramids have 4 equal sides. So I built a wooden pyramid with 4 equal sides. Years later, I saw an overhead photo of a pyramid in Egypt, I immediately said, "it has 5 sides" when you count the base along with the sides.
My mind took it off the ground and rotated it in space. The pyramids I drew and and built are, "Universal Pyramids" or "Outer Space Pyramids"  No matter how they rotate "in space" every side is equal. See links above about pyramids.

I can still recall the first oil painting I ever did. It was 1974. (the link to it ...is on the top)

I never took an art lesson or had a real desire to paint. For some reason an inspiration or urge moved me to the art store that day. I bought canvas, oils and brushes. At home I sat looking at the blank canvas for some time. I then started mixing paints and put brush to canvas.

At that time and many other times later, I had inspiration that came to me - not from a picture in a magazine ... or from photos ... or drawings - but from images inside my mind. It was like I had a special outside connection inside me. As I painted...many times I would initially think that I made a mistake. A line I drew was not straight, I smudged a portion on the canvas ... or the color was off. Then, what I initially thought was an error would be left as is, and I would feel an inspiration to embellish on it.
That section then turned into an addition that came from an initial ? mistake ?.

I continue to explore my memory in trying to decipher how my paintings and other art may offer some clues that could be connected to my incident at the New Jersey Wanaque Reservoir in 1967.

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UFO beams painted in 1975 by witness of a UFO encounter in New Jersey at the Wanaque Reservoir in 1967 depicts unusual objects and scenes.
It might be considered an insight into memory and his subconscious thoughts

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