1967 Wanaque UFO Witness Painting Inside the UFO 1992

Drawing A - Initial Sighting at Wanaque

TEXT for Drawing A - Sighting at Wanaque

Drawing B - UFO Clouds at Wanaque

TEXT for Drawing B - Clouds at Wanaque

Wanaque NJ Area Map

1974 Painting "The Mind of the Creator"

1975 Painting of a UFO Energy Beam

4 Sided Outer Space Pyramid

Pyramid Sculpture and Art

Drawing of Wanaque Alien

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inside ufo painting
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I did the painting above from start to finish in about 2 hours. I had a strong urge to paint it. I didn't refer to anything. It just came out into my head and hand and went onto the canvas.  It's 30 inches wide and 15 inches tall. I dated it on the back 1992, signed it, and named it "Inside the UFO". Many times I didn't sign or title the front or back of my paintings. I did them for my own satisfaction and not to sell. This one was stored in a closet.

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UFO inside painted years later by witness of a UFO encounter in New Jersey at the Wanaque Reservoir in 1967

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