Wanaque Witness Paintings of UFO and Energy Beam

1st Painting approximately 7 years after my Wanaque Incident

Drawing A - Initial Sighting at Wanaque

TEXT for Drawing A - Sighting at Wanaque

Drawing B - UFO Clouds at Wanaque

TEXT for Drawing B - Clouds at Wanaque

Wanaque Area Map

1975 Painting of a UFO Energy Beam

1992 Painting titled "Inside the UFO"

4 Sided Outer Space Pyramid

Pyramid Sculpture and Art

Drawing of Alien Presence

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creator ufo energy beam
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The acrylic and oil painting above was my very first attempt at expressing "an inspiration" that came over me. I painted it approximately seven years after my Wanaque Incident. I signed it on the back and dated it 10/74. About a month later I titled it "The Mind of the Creator," and then hid it away.  It's been almost 40 years since the painting above has been on a wall or shown to anyone.

1/26/2014 - I looked at the painting above for some time. Then I remembered the image behind the tree. I went downstairs to make some coffee and while it was heating ... I took out a pencil and paper and made a quick rough sketch from memory of the alien I had painted behind the tree who was watching the saucer getting energized. The hair stood up on my arms, just like it did in Wanaque 47 years ago.

I studied the painting again and again ... then I focused on the rough sketch ... then closed my eyes and tried to go back to when I painted it. (more of the recall are below)

I made a more precise drawing ... I scanned it ... I uploaded it into Adobe Photoshop. I spent over four hours contemplating, recalling, and embellishing the drawing to try to get it as close as possible to what I drew behind the tree in 1974. I began to realized that I drew the Wanaque Alien behind the tree.

STARTING TO FURTHER RECALL - (Alien in painting)

In 1974, after completing the painting above, I showed it to everyone who came into my home. It was hanging framed on a wall. I had not titled it or even mentioned what I called the painting to anyone. When showing it I would ask, "What do you think of the painting" and "How would you interpret it?" One friend of the family, a former Navy Captain, said something like ... it's a depiction of the universe and the beginning of time. However, he did not mention the words Flying Saucer or UFO in his comments. Nor did anyone else out of almost 2 dozen people.

Aside from the Navy Captain who spent a few minutes viewing the painting ... everyone else would glance at the painting for maybe up to 10 seconds and say something polite. Most comments were similar to ... "That's interesting" - "I like the colors." NOT one person including the former Navy Captain ... ever asked ME about what the painting meant or any other real questions about it.

IT AMAZED ME THAT NOT ONE PERSON WOULD SAY THE WORDS "Flying Saucer" or "UFO" as part of their description ... or in a question to me. I vividly remember that it shocked me into realizing that I was out of sync with the people around me. I thought, how they would have reacted, if I told them about the incident in Wanaque. I never mentioned my traumatic experience at the Wanaque Reservoir in 1967 to any of my friends, relatives or even my new wife.

I am recalling that after about a month on the wall I took the painting down AND SMUDGED OVER THE ALIEN FIGURE THAT WAS LOOKING OUT BEHIND THE TREE AT THE UFO. I remember that I did not initially make the Alien too noticeable, as it was hiding. It was only a little over an inch high.  I sketched it with a fine pen. A dark gray large head, darker black eyes and only the shoulder protruding from behind the tree.

At the time,
I thought maybe my artistic ability stinks - OR - maybe they think I am a little "OFF" or a UFO Kook". Or maybe both. I put the painting in a cardboard box and hid it away. Until this report it was always in a cardboard box with other paintings. It would be sometime in 1975 that I would paint again. I did it in private in my garage. Some of the other paintings I did are also very unique and when I have time I may expose them.

2-10-2014 Update -
While reviewing the painting today... I noticed that the craft appears to be rising out of the water.

Click Here> Drawing of Alien Presence behind the Tree in the painting and "behind the bushes in Wanaque"

I can still recall the first oil painting I ever did. Located above. I had never taken a lesson or had an inclination to paint. I vividly remember to this day that an inspiration moved me to the art store to buy canvas, oils and brushes. At home I sat looking at the blank canvas for some time. I then started mixing paints and put brush to canvas. At that time, I had an inspiration that came to me - not from a picture in a magazine or from photos - but from inside my mind. It was like I was connected with an outside force. As I painted ... I made many mistakes.  What I initially thought was an error would be left as is. I would embellish on it, only to find that it turned into an addition.

After 47 years, I feel so much relieved finally revealing my incident at Wanaque for the first time. My art work was never offered for sale, it was boxed up just like my experience at the reservoir. Now for the first time, My paintings, sculpture and memories are becoming vivid now. Thanks to my son Robert who owns this web site and assisted with uploading the photos... etc. There may be others out there who have also been silent about an unusual experience. It you are in that category and want someone to share it with.
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UFO and energy beams painted later by witness of a UFO encounter in New Jersey at the Wanaque Reservoir

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