Car was parked in a small cut off spot about 20 feet from the reservoir water. About 400 feet from Westbrook Road Bridge.

X  Location of where my car was parked during the incident. To my left was the alien presence.

Oval clouds about 500 feet away- approximately 20 feet wide. They were moving very slowly up and down behind the trees.
To my right is the location of rumblings under the water. It caused my car to vibrate. I could hear a deep bass tone humming.

The Wanaque Reservoir is approximately 6 miles in length and 1 1/2 miles at the widest point. The depth of the water averages 37 to 90 feet deep.
I located that information well after the incident.
west brook road photo wanaque nj
Bridge - The West Brook Road Bridge Viaduct over the Wanaque Reservoir. - View across deck. View looking west - This photo was not taken at the time of the incident but was found on the internet. It is a good representation of the area. The bridge and road have been repaved or updated since my experience.

The West Brook Road Bridge carries the re-located West Brook Road across the Wanaque Reservoir. The West Brook Road Bridge was constructed between 1926 and 1928 and is a seven-span, reinforced concrete beam bridge supported on poured concrete piers. The bridge was designed to carry the vehicular and pedestrian traffic of West Brook Road, a local, two-lane roadway, over the Wanaque Reservoir. I can remember almost hitting the guard rail when speeding away over the bridge.


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