Wanaque New Jersey UFO Report

Eyewitness Report on UFO's at Wanaque Reservoir

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Drawing A - Initial Sighting at Wanaque
TEXT for Drawing A - Sighting at Wanaque

Drawing B - UFO Clouds at Wanaque
TEXT for Drawing B - Clouds at Wanaque

1974 Painting "The Mind of the Creator"

1975 Painting of a UFO Energy Beam

1992 Painting titled "Inside the UFO"

4 Sided Outer Space Pyramid

Pyramid Sculpture and Art

Wanaque Area Map

BACKGROUND - Sometime in 2011 or 2012 or so, I noticed a web site http://ufocon.blogspot.com that mentioned the incidents that occurred in Wanaque New Jersey in the 1960s.  I typed in a brief question asking if anyone had reported vibrations under the reservoir water or strange transmissions on their radios. That was the one an only time I had publicly mentioned any of my repressed memories. In 2014, I was emailed and asked if I knew of Linda Moulton Howe and if I would like to do an interview with her, as she was planning a program on the Wanaque Incidents. I gave my phone number and Linda called. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7Bihepbgei8
Only a synopsis of the information was broadcast on 1/30/2014 and many details only came into my recall later. Fuller details are on these web pages that I use to store and re read and recall. I feel confident that I fully know what the incident in Wanaque was about and what was done to me. For now, If there is someone with experience, resources and time to re investigate with me.
Contact Me Privately Here What happened to me at the Wanaque Reservoir in New Jersey in 1967 caused me years of grief. Only recently have I discovered what lay in my past memories. After spending so much time writing and delving into my past, I have recalled almost all of the memories surrounding the Wanaque incident. There is much more to investigate in that immediate area that I have uncovered.
On January 23, 2014 - When I was talking to Linda Moulton Howe before the Coast to Coast AM Radio Interview for January 30th, I was referring to my original notes made in 1967.  I mentioned that I had written in bold ink - TRANSMISSION 3 LOUD BEEPS THEN WE LEFT. I told her I did not remember that - or even shining a flashlight on the dark cloudy objects, as I had also written on the page. It also appeared, from my original notes, that over an hour of time was missing from the time of the incident near the reservoir began and the time we left. For Wanaque New Jersey on July 4, 1967, it shows sunrise at 5:39 AM Eastern Daylight Time. Linda mentioned that some people with "unusual experiences" have opened up with new details dozens of years later. She suggested I keep trying to recall any other details about the incident.

Links with sketches and explanations of the original material are above.
Approximately 3 hours after I returned to New York City on 7/4/1967, I referred to the notes and drawings made at the scene and typed my observations as they were fresh in my memory.
The only exact time was when I asked my brother to check his watch 4:05AM EDT. Other times may be off by a few minutes up until approximately 4:35am.

ufo beam artOn January 25th, 2014 while cleaning out my garage on a Saturday, I pulled down a large cardboard box that was stored high up on a shelf. It was there at least 20 years. It contained empty picture frames and assorted paintings that I had forgotten about. When I looked at two of the oil paintings from 1974 and 1975 I said to myself, this may be another piece of the puzzle.

Part of the painting is on your left.
The Full painting and other paintings and art are in the links above.

QUICK SYNOPSIS -  I thought I heard some movement and then immediately felt the presence of something in the immediate woods to my left. My car was still vibrating as the rumbling that seemed to come from in the reservoir water which was only 20 feet away. At that time I did not concentrate on the dark clouds that were about 200 feet away. I thought I heard some movement and then immediately felt the presence of something in the immediate woods to my left. I DO NOT REMEMBER TURNING MY HEAD - to the left. I felt paralyzed.  (THIS IS THE MISSING TIME - WHAT HAPPENED TO ME HAS ONLY RECENTLY BEGUN TO EMERGE FROM DEEP IN MY REPRESSED MEMORY)
(4:05AM to appx 5:39AM.

Fear took over and the hair on my arms stood up. I vividly remember very slowly moving my right hand to the ignition key. Then I started the car and floored the accelerator. When I made the right turn on the bridge over the reservoir I was going too fast and just missed the bridge railing. I can still remember that 47 years later. That shook me up further and I slowed down. I remember that it was just getting light out. (The incidents began around 4:05AM - and ended approximately around. 5:39 AM)

NOTE -My final drawing when I got home shows 2 dark objects - My notes say "Transmission 3 loud beeps then we left" Till today, I don't remember those specific loud beeps...but do remember the continual high speed more code type transmissions from my AM radio which was set below the audible stations.

Up until this day - I felt there was a craft under the reservoir water - an alien presence in the woods to my left. We were blocking it's path to the craft that was making rumbling sounds from under the reservoir water. The small dark clouds that moved and stopped were connected to the incident - I MAY HAVE TURNED MY HEAD TO THE LEFT. Till today and for over 47 years I can still visualize two deep large dark eyes and a paralysis over my body. I have kept this incident from the public till recently.

wanaque ufo light beamBefore 7/4/1967 -
I had been to the Wanaque area on at least 10 other times...sometimes with others but mostly alone.

The reason I kept going back was because of the January 1966 photo I had seen in a news report.
t described a UFO
sighting of a UFO in Wanaque New Jersey over the Reservoir. Witnesses claimed that the bright wide oval object shone a beam of light at the frozen waters of the reservoir leaving a large circular hole.

Dell Publishing in NY (now Bantam/Random House) received a series of 5 black and white photos after the Wanaque event claiming to be of the craft and beam seen there. The submitter wished no acknowledgement and did not seek any compensation. Dell published the photos and, accompanying them, a very brief article in the 1967 issue of its publication. The negatives have not been seen (if they exist) nor the identity of the photographer/s - Source> http://www.theufochronicles.com

It was only about a 45 minute drive from NYC to Wanaque in Passaic County N.J. On the initial approximate 9 visits I saw nothing unusual. During those visits, I interviewed an officer in the reservoir guard shack and some bartenders in various bar and grills in the area. If anyone knew "the talk in town" it was them. There had been many phony reports, including a missing Volkswagen. The town was getting much attention and were being laughed at by outsiders, so I was told. No one would come forward with a sighting report, photos or hard evidence.

I typically drove around the reservoir and then parked in a quiet cut off parking spot just off the road and about 20 feet from the water. Most times I would sit for hours on the car hood and look at the sky and surroundings. There were no lights nearby to dim my pupils. The dark sky vividly revealed the stars and planets. At the time I was an assistant in the news department at WNEW, a NYC radio station and was working my way up the career ladder. I was interested in the UFO reports and mass sightings but was somewhat of a skeptic. The only evidence was usually photographs and some films. Some may have been dishes or trash can lids flung into the sky - or doctored films. But some might have be real. How do you truly determine that? Interviews with witnesses were usually non offensive and sometimes the reporter embellished the account to sell an article to a magazine or book. Others may have not. Not many can seriously devote the time and money to separate the real accounts ...from the fanciful ..from the fraud? I decided to investigate for my self during my free weekends. What better location than Wanaque, less than an hour away and a few UFO reports seen by hundreds of witnesses in the area, including the mayor and police.

Months after the Jan 1966 UFO report I began to investigate Wanaque NJ in Passaic County area. I talked with residents at local bar and grilles. Most disliked reporters and were cold to any questions. When I would park and get out of my car to look up at the sky. There were times when passing motorists would yell out the window .. "see any UFO's" and laugh".

I interviewed the on duty reservoir cop. He asked not to be recorded. He told me that he had no hard evidence like photos or recordings. He was very comfortable talking with me in the privacy of the security shack at the reservoir. He confirmed the event that was reported on Jan 1966. I drove miles around the area in all directions. I visited the Wanaque area at least 9 times on other occasions over a one year time frame ... until July 4th 1967.

I have yet to read any reports of rumblings in the water or transmissions on the radio dial in connection with UFO's.

To make it brief...we (my brother and I) saw some moving and then stationary objects in the night sky. We also saw appx 20ft wide clouds moving up and down behind the pine trees in the area where we had parked.

I also picked up and recorded fast beep like transmissions on my car AM radio that kept repeating (di di dit ... di dit ... di dididi)

I made a copy of the recording for my friend who knew a someone who knew morse code. The beeps were repeated over and over for at least 10 minutes...in what was said was very high speed sounding code. I was told it could not be fully and accurately deciphered. Electronic dots and dashes don't necessarily mean they they can be deciphered in earth language. I was told the results were (THIS IS DE Y X) (OR could it be translated to) (T H IS IS DE Y X) assuming our alphabet was used.

P.S. It was during the transmissions that we saw the objects behind the trees approximately 200 feet away (My notes that I made when I returned home said, I shone my flashlight on the objects- Till today I do not recall doing that). I heard the rumbling sound coming from the reservoir about 20 feet away The rumbling made my car vibrate slightly. It continued for over 10 minutes. (It was a very deep bass humming noise that sounded like MMM  MMM  MMM evenly spaced and repeated over an over). It could be heard inside and outside my vibrating car. (see notes below on humming noise I just discovered in a book)

I thought I heard some movement and then immediately felt the presence of something in the immediate woods to my left. Fear took over and the hair on my arms stood up. I remember very slowly moving my right hand to the ignition key. Then I started the car and floored the accelerator. When I made the right turn on the bridge over the reservoir ... I think the car was only on two wheels ... I almost hit the bridge railing. That shook me further and I slowed down a little. I remember that is was just getting light out. (The incidents began around 4:05AM - and ended approximately around 5:39AM.

A few weeks later....I called the reservoir and asked unassuming questions ..like how many times do they put on the pumps or motors to circulate or test the reservoir water. I was told there were no pumps or motors in that area. They test the water quality with samples in vials every few weeks.

1966 reports said the beam from the object was melting the ice. Were they pulling out water for use.....Making a hole to submerge (in front of witnesses?) ..or looking for something UNDER the water???  I did a little research on Wanaque over the years but there were not many reports or incidents except the 1966 event.

I believe now that about an hour of time is missing.

I had read about the hypnosis done on Betty and Barney Hill and contemplated contacting a similar Doctor about my case. I keep thinking about doing it. At times I feel afraid of what might come out. I have thought about that for over the years. When I felt the presence I felt IT was looking into me and wanted me to turn my head to look in it's dark black eyes to control me physically. I know my experience was that real.  It my subconscious is making it up from books or news about UFO experiences. I also read a few books and articles about the hypnotic process and it appears not the be infallible.

I feel (that the objects over the pine trees were coming to assist...the rumbling immersed object in the water. We were in the way of the "presence" that was on it's way to the craft in the water. The transmissions and beeps were some sort of beacon or signal)

My notes written at the time say the incident started in the sky at 4:05am. I remember asking my brother to look at his watch and then I wrote down the time. I drove the car to the parking spot and my notes say at approximately 4:35am the rumblings were heard and I felt the presence that paralyzed me.

I did not made a public report after it happened. I did not want to be called a UFO KOOK. I basically kept it to myself.

Most of my friends and family did not understand my passion for searching for UFOs and the amount of time I spent away at Wanaque. I never did drugs or even drank during all that time. I can understand, as I look back on that time. Many of my files and the recording from Wanaque at my home were discarded by my wife, who later divorced me. My life began to change. I bought a van to sleep in and travelled all over the country. I shirked all responsibilities. I was a lost soul for many years. Now you know the main reason that I wanted to erase from my memory the Wanaque and UFO incidents that occurred during that time.

The only time I revealed what happened to me in Wanaque was an interview on Coast to Coast AM. Linda Moulton Howell contacted me and after an hour conversation convinced me to have her record my experience. I did it for free in hope of assisting others who had similar experiences. It was aired on Coast January 30, 2014. There were sections that were edited out by Linda, I believe for time constraints and a few areas were not in sequence. I have recalled much more information since the broadcast and made a few minor changes. All the comments from the Radio Show are now within the pages of this web site. Coast to Coast Interview  Coast to Coast

Hum, buzz or whine. These are the characteristic sounds of the UFO at close quarters. The sound rises in both pitch and intensity seconds before and during take-off from hovering or landed conditions. Copied from the book by Paul Hill.. unconventional flying objects. Printed in 1995

First - read all the events that led up to how the drawing finally came out.
Witness Drawing of "Presence" at Reservoi
Alien "Presence" Wanaque

I feel relieved finally revealing my incident at Wanaque. My art work was boxed up just like my experience at the reservoir. Now for the first time I am back tracking to my paintings, sculpture and hidden memories. There may be others out there who have also been silent about an unusual experience. Contact Me Privately Here

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