Wanaque Reservoir New Jersey UFO Sightings

TEXT for Drawing A - Sighting at Wanaque

Drawing B - UFO Clouds at Wanaque

TEXT for Drawing B - Clouds at Wanaque

Wanaque NJ Reservoir Map

1974 Painting "The Mind of the Creator"

1975 Painting of a UFO Energy Beam

1992 Painting titled "Inside the UFO"

4 Sided "Outer Space: Pyramid

Drawing of Wanaque Alien

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Beginning of a report of an eyewitness sighting of unusual aerial activity in Wanaque NJ on 7/4/1967

The first widely reported sighting of a UFO in Wanaque New Jersey was over the Reservoir in 1966. Witnesses claimed that the bright wide oval object shone a beam of light at the frozen waters of the reservoir leaving a large circular hole in the ice. After those reports ... I started to visit the area.

7/4/1967 Drawing A
Initial Sighting of Unidentified Moving and Stationary Objects In Wanaque N.J. Times are approximate.

Descriptions and drawings are copied from the originals. The drawing below was sketched and typed about 3 hours after the incident from notes at the scene.

wanague nj reservoir
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Report of unusual aerial activity - UFO's - in Wanaque NJ in 1967 - an eyewitness sighting
 Original sketches of UFO activity over Wanaque Reservoir New Jersey