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Drawing A - Initial Sighting at Wanaque

Drawing B - UFO Clouds at Wanaque

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1974 Painting "The Mind of the Creator"

1975 Painting of a UFO Energy Beam

1992 Painting titled "Inside the UFO"

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Approximately 3 hours after I returned to New York City on 7/4/1967, I referred to the notes and crude drawings made at the scene and typed my observations as they were fresh in my memory.

Referring to Diagram A

Initial Sighting of Unidentified Moving and Stationary Objects around Wanaque Reservoir New Jersey
Taken from notes that night. (defines further clarification)

We had been picking up signals (Morse code type beeping on my AM radio that was tuned as far down the dial where there were no stations)  from this certain area. I stopped the car about a mile from the only source of these signals. We got out of the car. I was looking up at the stars and other surroundings, when I noticed the first star like object begin to move. I told my brother to view that area in the sky. I asked him the time, since I was not wearing a watch and he told me, it was 5 minutes after 4am. I then went into my briefcase and got some paper and began to sketch as many of the motionless stars in an effort to establish our sighting, as what I presumed at the time to be a satellite. To my amazement "the satellite" moved in a horizontal position and then took up a spot under and to the right of what appeared to be the brightest star in the sky. It no longer moved. We watched it. It was then that I told my brother to keep an eye on that object while I looked in all directions of the sky.

To the right of this occurrence there first appeared to be a V type formation of 3 stars. The one in the upper left hand section of the formation began to move diagonally. I asked my brother to view the area I had just been watching and he noticed it too. We both tried to rationalize it - there was no trail of any kind. They both appeared to be about the same size and brightness as the planet Venus would be. They both were white.

Incidentally, I drew a quick map of the stars when I first noticed the horizontal moving object. I noted that the moon was 1/4 full. I drew a V cluster when I did not detect any motion in any of them.

Approximately 10 minutes later the moving and then stationary object was in the same position. However, there was only one object left in the V formation.

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Eyewitness Report on Unusual Objects UFO's in 1966 to 1967 Wanaque Reservoir New Jersey Drawings from the scene

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